3 Reasons to Streamline Document Generation & Management for Small Business

Is your business drowning in a clutter of disorganized documents? Do you know that physical file management systems take up nearly 15% of floor area resulting in unnecessary costs of $285 per square foot? In today’s world, the only way to stay competitive and reduce costs is to resort to a small business document management system. Do small businesses need DMS software? Small business document management software provides an effective way of getting all documents in order. [Read More]

Should You Create Custom Certificates for Your Company?

It may be surprising to learn the many things certificates can bring to a company. Most of us think of tertiary studies or university graduates, but businesses can benefit immensely from certification docs. It gets better when you don’t have to follow the same templates as everyone else. This is where learning to create custom certificates comes in. What are custom certificates? So, we know that a certificate is a document that proves a qualification, status, or privilege. [Read More]

Can You Improve Business Productivity with Pre-Designed Memo Templates?

‘Did you get the memo Peter?’ Even in the age of instant messaging, the formal business memo is still used. This is because they carry more weight than a simple text or email. A memo is like an internal press release, quickly making employees aware of specific issues in a company, whether big or small. You can wing it by creating a memo from scratch without guidelines. But the most efficient method that’s faster and better delivers your message is with a professional business memo template. [Read More]