What Is Markdown?

What Is Markdown?

Does writing in Markdown sound familiar to you? This web language has gained popularity over the years due to its simplicity. It is broadly accepted across many platforms and is easy to apply. Users also love it as it eliminates the need to use messy editors that are time-consuming. Furthermore, Markdown facilitates better, faster and more effective writing. From to-do-list apps, email, to HTML, this technique has left a mark pretty much all over. So, if you are intrigued and want to know more about Markdown, this article is for you. Let’s not waste much time and get right into the fascinating realm of Markdown.

What is Markdown?

Markdown is a user-friendly language applied to develop formatted content, usually for publishing online. The language is an ideal alternative to HTML, and it features syntax components that alter the appearance of the final doc. Markdown streamlines the formatting of simple text by applying keyboard strokes. For instance, the Markdown syntax for displaying a HEADING 1 is to place the Markdown hashtag #HEADING 1 before the plain text word. Browsers that support Markdown syntax display the text as HEADING 1 when it appears in a browser. You are free to utilize a tool like ElegantDoc.com to help you write using markdown effortlessly.

What are Markdown files?

Markdown files refer to text docs designed utilizing one of the different languages of Markdown. Although these files apply simple text formatting, they have inline text symbols that explain the content's formatting process (e.g., various markups for indentation, italics, bold text, etc). With these files, it’s possible to write docs using simple text that can be converted to HTML effortlessly. Markdown files are also applicable in source code version control systems. This can be attributed to the fact that you can evaluate them in plain text against historical modifications. If you want to configure a Markdown file, a Markdown formatter should be handy. It provides a simple way to read Markdown and share it.

What is Markdown language?

Markdown language assists users in writing and developing web pages. It applies fundamental formatting syntax to do a similar thing as HTML but in a hassle-free way. The language includes a Markdown parser that parses and changes the content into a specific format. You can also view the language as a tool that converts content to HTML. It enables you to write using a plain text format that is readable and easy to write and switch to HTML.

How does Markdown work?

Markdown works by creating an MD file format. This entails storing the text you write in a plaintext file with an “.md” or “.markdown” extension. A Markdown application will then use a processor to convert markdown to HTML format. After this, you should be able to view your doc in a browser. Markdown uses explicit syntax to indicate lists, text, headings, and other types of configurations. Find below several examples:

  • Italics: If you make text italics, you should apply single asterisks or underscores.

  • Strikethrough: Regarding strikethrough text, you should utilize the double tilde sign (~~).

  • Unordered list: To write an unordered list in Markdown, include a single asterisk for every item.

  • Markdown hyperlink: A text for a hyperlink is enclosed in square brackets, while the URL is enclosed in round brackets.

  • Blockquote: You can utilize the “greater” symbol to input a block quote.

  • Markdown image: Follow the same steps of adding a hyperlink when designing an image in Markdown. However, you have to put an exclamation mark just before the brackets.

Markdown cheat sheet

For headings and subheadings use “#” symbol before the actual H1, H2 or H3

Regular Text elementSyntax in Markdown
Heading or Subheadings# H1 ## H2 ### H3

To make the text bold mark it with double asterisk(star) like this:

Regular Text elementSyntax in Markdown
Bold Text**bold text**

To make the piece of text italic mark it with single asterisk(star) from both sides:

Regular Text elementSyntax in Markdown
Italicized Text*Italicized Text*

Want to add a quote to your article? Here is how to input a blockquote with markdown:

Regular Text elementSyntax in Markdown

Guide your reader throught the steps or make a overvie with ordered or unordered list formatting:

Regular Text elementSyntax in Markdown
ordered list1. Step One 2.Step Two 3. Step Three
unordered list- line one - line two - line three

Add links, images and visually apearing piece of code into your document with markdown:

Regular Text elementSyntax in Markdown
Link[Link Title](www.linkurl.com)
Picture![Alt Text](picture.jpg "Text on mouse over")
Piece of code`piece of code`

There is a plenty of additional features that not all the application support. Starting from emoji’s and highlighting pieces of text to creating beautiful appearing to-do task lists and spreadsheets. This is not the most commonly needed. But you can utilize them when it is if you save this article in your favorites:

Regular Text elementSyntax in Markdown
Tables|Regular Text| Syntax in Markdown | | ------ | ------ | | Bold Text | **Bold Text** | | italicized text | *italicized text* |
Strike through~~Bitcoin is financial pyramid~~
Highlighted TextI wanted to highlight my ==most useful tips==.
emojiI think thats hilarious! :joy:
Glossaryterm :definiton
To-Do list-[x] Release the blog post -[] Update the youtube channel logo -[] Contact my mother
Fenced Code Block``` { "firstName": "Peter", "lastName": "Brooks", } ```
Leave footnotesstatement with a footnote [^1] [^1]: the footnote itself.
Heading ID### This heading has {#costum-id}

Who is Markdown good for?

These are people that can find Markdown useful:

Writers and publishers

Markdown helps these professionals eliminate interruptions associated with a formatting toolbar and mouse clicks. In essence, it allows them to put all their attention on writing without lifting their fingers off the keyboard. As a result, they can put their ideas into words effectively.

Website designers

Many website designers use Markdown meaning it’s an invaluable tool. As such, it helps them create website content easily and quickly.


Although Markdown lacks the characteristics found on word processors like MS Word, you can use it to design simple docs, including letters and projects. The app authoring the Markdown document is useful in creating and exporting Markdown-configured docs to PDF or HTML format. The beautiful thing about a PDF doc is that it’s printable, and you can email or upload it to a website.


Markdown is a great conversational tool for programmers. They normally utilize it to share ideas across many applications.

Reddit and GitHub users

These forums require users to write and configure their remarks utilizing Markdown. The main objective is to retain uniformity while configuring text without interfering with text editors.


Do you want to systemize your journal entries, notes, or random ideas fast? Markdown is for you. It will save you from the frustrations of using a messy text editor.


As you have seen, Markdown is user-friendly. If you write for the web regularly, you should learn about this technique as it is applied almost everywhere. It is not tied to a specific app, exports plainly to HTML, and is readable. Moreover, editors designed for it feature everything needed and eliminate what you don’t. This makes Markdown more appropriate for web writing compared to word processors.