What are the Dangers of Using MS Word Resume Templates?

What are the Dangers of Using MS Word Resume Templates?

Do you plan on writing a CV to apply for a new job? Probably you have thought of utilizing a CV template Microsoft Word. It’s okay to want to capitalize on this free tool and write your application doc faster. Even though some layouts look professional and have built-in checklists, you may want to reconsider utilizing these resume templates Word offers. They just have too many drawbacks that could work against you. In any case, you are better off creating a resume yourself. Still, you are welcome to use Elegantdoc.com if you want an alternative to Word templates.

Pros and cons of using MS Word resume templates

CV templates can be good for you because they make your work easier and remind you about the vital features to add, among other things. At the same time, they have some limitations, which make you lose out on a great job opportunity. We describe the pros and cons of resume templates MS word offers below to help you decide whether to use them or not.


Enable you to send many resumes at a time

Since MS Word resume templates are preformatted, you will take a short time to make your CV. This allows you to send more resumes, increasing your chances of getting your desired job. Are you applying for a similar position in many different companies? If that’s the case, templates can help you save time. This is because you won’t have to design a whole new CV for every job. It’s also possible to adjust some parts of the resume to ensure it aligns with different company requirements.

Fixed checklist

Another advantage of resume templates for Word is that they have a built-in checklist that features vital parts of a CV, such as personal info, work history, skills, and education. So, it’s unlikely you will submit an incomplete resume. Even better, these sections have designated places for you to type your information.

Act as reminders

Certain employers expect to see specific segments in your resume. If your CV lacks these parts, chances are that the recruiting manager will ignore it. Templates can help you avoid this, especially if they have been crafted with your coveted job in mind. As such, they can serve as a reminder of the areas you must include, ensuring that the employers have all the details they need.

Professional designs

Creating and formatting a CV correctly can be challenging at times. You must ensure that it is pleasing to look at, use the right font sizes, and arrange the sections accordingly, among other things. This is not always simple and can be frustrating in case you don’t have enough time. Resume templates for MS Word can sort you out. All you have to do is select the ideal template and insert your info.

LinkedIn resume assistant

Have you subscribed to Microsoft Office 365? As a member, you have easy access to an option known as a LinkedIn resume that enhances your curriculum vitae. In this regard, if you are drafting a Microsoft office resume, key in ‘LinkedIn’ into the search bar at the top of your Word doc. The assistant tool will appear and provide samples illustrating how individuals express their experiences based on your job title. It will also indicate the job skills potential employers search for. With this kind of help, you can build an effective CV.


Limit creative freedom

Creating your CV from the start gives you the freedom to format it in whichever way you like and include all the necessary features. However, you will be limited if you use Word resume templates. This is because they have preformatted designs and layouts. Some permit you to tailor the CV to align with your preferences, but not all. Unfortunately, a majority of the templates cannot be modified since doing so will interfere with the entire design and make it look chaotic.

They aren’t compatible with ATS

Applicant tracking systems (ATS) play a vital role in sorting and categorizing all the CVs a hiring organization receives. In any case, if your resume lacks the vital characteristics the system looks out for, it will be declined, and the HR manager might not even see it. This makes creating resumes in Word a risky venture, given that the program isn’t optimized for ATS. It doesn’t matter if you have all the right qualities your potential employer is searching for; if your CV doesn’t reach him, your goose is cooked.

They don’t allow you to stand out

As you draft your resume, you want it to stand out from the crowd and catch the interest of the hiring manager. Do you think using a Word template can help you achieve this? If the answer is yes, then you’ll have to reconsider your view. Whereas the templates can help you make a decent resume, remember that millions of other job seekers rely on the same templates. So, you will just blend into the crowd, and it might be hard for you to get noticed.

Large gaps in the layout

Most resume formats in Word feature space on fields like skills, work history, and education. If it’s your first time looking for a job and you have a short educational background or lack work experience, your CV might have a large gap or appear uneven.

The design is multipurpose

As a general rule, applicants should customize their resumes to fit the requirements of each job they apply for. Unfortunately, most resume templates on Word are designed to “fit” all types of job applications despite the differing requirements. The problem is that their layout may not even go hand-in-hand with the position you are eyeing for. This is a pretty good reason not to use the templates; they can eliminate any chance you have of getting your dream job.

Obsolete styles

Word usually takes a while to update some of its templates, and this delay can be costly for people who rely on them. As the world evolves, many prospective employers are prompted to get rid of some old job requirements and include new ones. Therefore, you might discover that the resume template Word Doc you are using is outdated. For instance, including elements like a headshot, salary history, mailing address, or an objective statement seems odd today. Yet, a CV template on Word may have one or more of these components. Therefore, using it is not recommended if you want to move with the times.

Basic layout

Are you a web designer or specialize in the arts and graphics? Then, utilizing a template may not be a good move because it cannot demonstrate your creative skills. In addition, there’s a very small chance of you finding a template that offers the exact color, format, and feel that you desire.

How to create a good resume?

Whereas a CV template Microsoft Word provides helps take care of stuff like features, design, and recommendations, you are in charge of generating the actual content. So why don’t you focus on creating a resume that stands out? You can achieve this by finding examples online. Just visit the internet and identify samples written by people in the same profession as you. Study how they format and arrange their content and the way they describe their success. Then, apply the lessons learned to develop a unique resume. Get help too. You can ask for the input of other experienced professionals you know. Show them your CV and request them to show you what adjustments you need to make to improve it. Do you know an HR manager personally? Use the time you spend together to learn what employers look for in resumes and implement his suggestions. You are sure to come up with a good resume afterward.

Remember to optimize your curriculum vitae for the ATS as well. As aforementioned, most employers use tracking systems to sort out CVs. Ensure yours has all the keywords your prospective employer has specified you include in your application. This ensures it lands in the hands of hiring staff. But if you feel that writing a CV is stressful and overwhelming, why don’t you let ElegantDoc.com help you? It can generate a professional-looking resume on your behalf within minutes. The resume templates available on the website also include all the necessary features you need to create a good first impression and increase your likelihood of being shortlisted for the job.


Resume templates available on word are generic. Even though they can help you produce a decent CV, they are not an ideal choice if you want to stand out. As we have seen, they are quite limited. They might even mess up your chances of getting your dream job. Create a better, more original CV using Elegantdoc.com and win over those prospective employers.

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