Should You Create Custom Certificates for Your Company?

Should You Create Custom Certificates for Your Company?

It may be surprising to learn the many things certificates can bring to a company. Most of us think of tertiary studies or university graduates, but businesses can benefit immensely from certification docs.

It gets better when you don’t have to follow the same templates as everyone else. This is where learning to create custom certificates comes in.

What are custom certificates?

So, we know that a certificate is a document that proves a qualification, status, or privilege. Custom certificates are certificates that have a unique and tailored design. They are different from the ordinary certificates, because they have many ready-made layouts, allowing you to modify more elements like style, fonts, and colors.

ElegantDocs is a versatile online document software that can help you with custom certificates and many more document types, helping you to streamline your workflow.

Here’s a list of certificates that your company may issue:

Appreciation/recognition certificates

Use those as thanks for any particular work or participation from employees, volunteers, donors, sponsors, guests, and volunteers.

Award certificates

These are perfect to symbolize an employee’s accomplishment. And make your staff even more engaged.

Course certificates

Companies can offer these for various training programs around management, customer service, products, technical/soft skills, etc. Streamlining this type of document for courses online erases any possible limitations, for providers of remote learning and education.

Employee of the month certificates

Use those for recognising a particular employee’s achievements for a month. This is an excellent way to show appreciation, enabling a positive work culture and motivated staff.

Also you with you can create

  • Work certificates used to prove employment.
  • Workshop certificates used to prove that individuals have attended a particular workshop or training session

Custom certificates provide many benefits like personalization, time-saving, and better brand recognition.

What is the importance of creating custom certificates for your organization?

So, why should businesses take interest in custom certificates?


Your documents don’t need to have the same-old, cookie-cutter designs as everybody else. Custom certificate templates allow for greater personalization since you’re building things from scratch.

Visuals, when it comes to media, are crucial for brand recognition, whether we’re talking about layouts, fonts, or colors. With custom certificates, you can produce a unique design separating you from the pack.

Also, even if you were only designing documents for your business, you’ll want variety across different certificates.

For instance, let’s say you wanted to create a certificate for appreciation and “employee of the month.” These are, of course, two different things. But you can add personality with custom certificates to make them stand out and suit their intended audience.

Also, this customization allows you to input other little details like contact information, logo and any other little graphic features unique to your company.

Brand recognition

We alluded to this element earlier, but let’s break it down further here. Companies all have a corporate identity, which are the various multi-sensory elements that communicate a brand to clients.

In a nutshell, it’s all about branding, and a custom certificate is one avenue to demonstrate this. Here, you can let your color palettes, typefaces, logo, designs, and layouts shine through. This wouldn’t be possible with a dull, one-dimensional certificate.

Branding is necessary for public relations. For example, if someone shares your certificate on social media, custom certificates can effectively promote your brand and identity.

Benefits of custom certificates

Now that we know why custom certificates are essential, let’s look at their benefits.


Starting from zero when designing a certificate is understandably time-consuming. This is the point of custom certificate makers: save time. Creating a certificate should be simple. But having an existing template to follow for the necessary visual elements is more efficient.

Eliminates the need for designers

Many companies like to outsource their graphical work to designers. But using a custom certificate eliminates this need. Most of these services are quite user-friendly, even for non-designers.

So, it becomes straightforward for anyone to create a suitable certificate quickly. Some services allow team members to collaborate in real-time, making everything a shared effort.

Adds a layer of trust

Over the last few years, there’s been a trend where companies are creating their own courses. But, we are aware of the fraud involved with certificates. A standard certificate template is easier for a fraudster to replicate.

Yet, you can add special security features or designs like holograms and watermarks that are more challenging, if not impossible, to copy. In this manner, your certificates generate better trust.

Any holders can rest assured their certification is legit when presenting it to others.

Disadvantages of custom certificates

The main downside of custom certificates is that they aren’t totally customizable. This is because there are always ready-made templates that anyone can use. So, while designers can add flavour (especially if there are more unique template designs), it’s not the same as designing from scratch. At the same time, creating a certificate from the ground up is a time-consuming and costly process.

Tips in choosing a custom certificate maker

Here are some things to consider when looking at design tools for custom certificates.

Variety of templates

We spoke about the disadvantage of having non-unique designs. This is why the more templates that are available, the better. A variety library helps a user create the most outstanding certificate, decreasing the chances of having the same design as someone else.

Sufficient storage

If you’re going to create many certificates, you need a lot of space for saving purposes. So, consider this when using a certificate design tool.

Reasonable pricing

A certificate maker should offer competitive value based on features like the number of templates and the ability for customization.

Also, while you save money using a free tool, it is severely limited in features and will have one or very few templates (all of which are generic).

User-friendly interface

Creating a certificate, like any web application or software, should be effortless, especially for non-designers.


Any serious business owner will understand the need for custom certificates. This serves many purposes, from showing employee appreciation to adding credibility to a valuable course. Let’s also remember the other benefits, like saving time and not needing to hire designers.

If you want to start, ElegantDoc can help you create your next custom certificate!

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