How to Make an Elegant Certificate Without Any Hassle in Google Docs?

How to Make an Elegant Certificate Without Any Hassle in Google Docs?

If you want to create your certificate easily and within a few seconds, use The website offers templates for different types of documents that you will love. However, if you prefer to design and personalize your certificate, here is a guide showing you how to create it from scratch.

How to create a smoothly looking certificate?

Are you going to make a certificate but still need to figure out where to start? Do you want to know what steps you need to follow to make a certificate from scratch? If the answer to both questions is “yes” the information below is what you need to know:

Create a new file

When ready, use any text editing software and select an empty document. There’s a tab dubbed “Untitled doc.” You will find it at the top of the file, where you will key in the name.

Adopt a landscape design for a more authentic and appealing look. Select “File” and press the “Page setup” option that pops up. Fine-tune the page settings according to your preferences.

Develop a border

A border is one of the most striking features of a certificate. Several techniques are available for designing certificate, and they include:

One cell table

Using a one-cell table is the first method provided for integrating a border.

Since such a generated “table” is small, it cannot fit the content in your certificate. What do you do? Simply click on the bottom line and then drag it. The table’s size will increase and fit the page.

Bordered image

Do you prefer utilizing a border derived online instead? Try inserting a drawing directly into your certificate. Once you click the pic, a page will emerge. You can either drag your image here or select the one that needs uploading.

Insert necessary text

It’s now time to draft something on the certificate. Various methods are available, and you can choose one of your preferences. They are:

Table border

Do you remember the table you created in the previous section? You can note down the certificate’s name there. Ensure you center the text and use a fancy font style and size to ensure it is exciting to the eye.

The following lines may highlight the certificate’s purpose and the recipient’s name. You may use phrases like “in recognition of,” “in appreciation for,” “in contribution to,” and more.

Draw tool

A drawing tool can also help you generate a text to add your text. How do you go about it? Create a fresh drawing the same way you would when integrating an image border. After opening the draw tool, the next step is using a text box. It is the place to put in the necessary details in the new text box now.

Image border

You can include data in an image border as well. Adjust the current drawing, and press twice on your border to reopen the draw tool containing the image border. Now generate a text box that fits and write the text.

Insert a signature line

There are two methods to achieve it, and they are described in detail here:

The image border approach

A signature line is a crucial part you should remember to add. You can formulate one by utilizing an image border. The approach begins by editing the current drawing like you did for a text box. Next, click on your image twice. After a draw tool reopens, generate a horizontal line using it. Lastly, create a text box below the line where you will write the signature's title or name.

The table border approach

Using a table border, the first step entails generating a new drawing. Choose the line tool after the draw tool. After you are done creating the line, generate a text box below it and include the title of the signatory.

Add a seal

Depending on your preference, you can put a seal using either of the following:

Using an image border

The approach is straightforward. You only have to reopen the draw tool, choose the image icon, and upload the seal.

Using a table border

Start by downloading a seal you prefer. Insert an image from your device or laptop into the document editor.


As you have seen above, making certificates in any text editing software requires much effort. So, you can opt for ready template ideas like the ones provides. It is stress-free and removes the challenges of making a certificate online, providing you with a simple solution for generating beautiful certificates in PDF format.