Can You Improve Business Productivity with Pre-Designed Memo Templates?

Can You Improve Business Productivity with Pre-Designed Memo Templates?

‘Did you get the memo Peter?’ Even in the age of instant messaging, the formal business memo is still used. This is because they carry more weight than a simple text or email. A memo is like an internal press release, quickly making employees aware of specific issues in a company, whether big or small.

You can wing it by creating a memo from scratch without guidelines. But the most efficient method that’s faster and better delivers your message is with a professional business memo template.

What is a business memo template?

A business memo (short for “memorandum”) is an in-house document for sharing concise yet crucial information promptly with several people at once. It can cover a variety of things:

  • Changes to daily operations and company policies
  • Personnel or role shifts
  • Introduction of new employees
  • Reminders about deadlines or important dates
  • Updates on upcoming meetings, gatherings, etc.
  • Health issues
  • Notices on job openings

A business memo template offers an outline that makes it simpler and quicker to include all the necessary information for your message.

What are the components of a business memo?

While, of course, memos are distributed electronically, their format remains largely unchanged. The components you’ll find with many company memo templates include:

  • Header: provides basic information about the sender, recipients, date, and subject

  • Body: covers the memo’s purpose

  • Conclusion: a wrap-up of the memo, often with a call to action or final reminder

Where necessary, attachments (like documents) may accompany the memo for the recipients.

Below is a more detailed format of what business memo templates include, starting with the header:

  • Date: the date that the sender intends to send the memo
  • To: the names of the team members the memo is addressed. A CC may be included underneath.
  • From: your name and job title
  • Subject: a short sentence or title summing up the contents of the memo

The body follows after the header. Generally, your message should be expressed in a few paragraphs. But headings or bullet points may be needed to break down longer text for easier reading.

After the conclusion, a formal memo template should have space for a signature. Additionally, there may be a place for the sender’s contact information and other relevant details.

Why is a business memo template helpful for businesses?

Up to this point, the benefits of a memo are clear as day. But what about the advantages of business memo templates?


The most obvious benefit is that templates reduce the time it takes to create a memo. As a result, you can fill out the necessary details quickly. What’s more, you will have a variety of templates for different purposes. This means you don’t have to scratch your head about how to craft your next memo.

Offers guidelines on creating memos

This is an extension of the last point. A template doesn’t only offer a formatting arrangement. Some designs from certain services help guide your messaging to maximize clarity.

In essence, templates offer all the ingredients for the structure and effective delivery of your points in the memo.

Confirmation of receipt

Some services providing professional business memo templates can show recipients’ reactions (through likes and comments), verifying they’ve received the content. In this manner, you will not have to confirm individually.

How to make the most of a business memo template?

So far, we’ve spoken about the usefulness of business memo format templates. But it doesn’t end here. Let’s cover how to make your memos as effective as possible.

Add some personality to the memo

Far too many businesses make their internal communication robotic and formal. Now, this isn’t to say they mustn’t be professional. However, you can maintain competence while adding personality to express your company voice.

A memo shouldn’t feel like academic writing but must be brief yet engaging to deliver the message.

Tailor the content of the memo to the audience

You should always consider the people on the other side of your memo, ensuring that the language used is familiar to them. Ask yourself the key elements your viewers are seeking as a guide.

Generally, the wider the audience, the less technical your vocabulary should be. However, you can get away with some jargon when directing your message at a niche group.

Include relevant information

A memo is a snippet of information that team members should view and understand quickly. Yet, it is easy to go on a tangent with irrelevant details and unnecessary sentences. This results in a dull memo and can create a communication barrier.

So, you should include relevant information that’s direct and delivers the subject or purpose of your message.

Professional tone at all times

Professionalism is about being respectful and objective to your audience. This means:

  • Writing without any discrimination or personal bias
  • Including factual information
  • Using positive language

Clear, concise, and descriptive subject line

This part condenses the purpose of your memo into a few words. It’s essential because it’s the first thing your audience views, determining their likelihood of reading the rest of the content.

So, make your subject line concise yet descriptive. Stay away from ambiguous phrases like “‘upcoming training.” A better line is “upcoming training for learning about the new workflow system.”.

Well-written content without misleading mistakes

Despite the simplicity of a memo, it should be well-written. So, you should proofread it by removing grammatical mistakes and other errors that could lead to confusion. Also, your memo should be factually correct.

Choosing the appropriate communication channel

While email is the most utilized method of delivering a memo, there may be better options for urgent updates. For this, consider an instant messaging platform used by your team members so they can receive the message sooner.


Memos are about keeping your team members “in the loop,” and increasing team engagement with the company. Sending the message efficiently and quickly boosts productivity and offers an understanding of what needs to be done.

Like other forms of writing, there are guidelines regarding clear written communication and presenting the content.

Fortunately, ElegantDoc can help you create visually appealing and customizable memo templates in minutes.

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