3 Reasons to Streamline Document Generation & Management for Small Business

3 Reasons to Streamline Document Generation & Management for Small Business

Is your business drowning in a clutter of disorganized documents? Do you know that physical file management systems take up nearly 15% of floor area resulting in unnecessary costs of $285 per square foot? In today’s world, the only way to stay competitive and reduce costs is to resort to a small business document management system.

Do small businesses need DMS software?

Small business document management software provides an effective way of getting all documents in order. The computer system or software enhances how files are stored, managed and tracked throughout the business ecosystem. It also enhances the sharing of data with the right people.

Such systems make it easy for small businesses to be paperless; every file is stored in a secure system for easy retrieval. Additionally, they provide an effective way of automating business processes from the generation of invoices, receipts and contracts.

Pros of document generation, management, and control software for small businesses

Saves Money

According to PricewaterhouseCoopers, it costs an average of $20 to file a document, and small businesses might incur an additional $120 to find misfiled documents. These unnecessary costs affect small businesses’ ability to generate optimal profits.

Therefore, document control software for small businesses is a must-have if a small business is to simplify document management. In return, retrieving any business file when needed becomes much easier, consequently averting the risk of incurring an additional $220 to reproduce a misfiled document.

Saves Time

A study by McKinsey shows that, on average, workers spend 19% of their time searching for documents. This is precious time that can be recovered in a business setting where there is a need to interact with customers and carry out various marketing operations.

The only way to spare a business from the bottlenecks of an inefficient file management system is to resort to a proper management system. Such systems come with innovative search functions that make it easy to search for any file using keywords or even metadata and find them within seconds. Consequently, a search system saves small businesses precious time from having to go through layers of filing cabinets looking for one file.

Saves Space

At a time when real estate is a precious commodity, there is no need to hire additional space for filing documents. However, it’s not a secret that businesses that resort to physical management systems incur high costs, from room fees to electricity, cleaning and repair costs.

A web-based server or cloud-based management system would save a small business unnecessary cost as everything is stored and managed over the internet. In addition, it becomes much easier to access files while on the go without returning to file cabinets.

What types of documents can document generation software create?


An invoice consists of many static and compact data that can be used for different customers. Therefore, instead of a business having designed one for each business, it can resort to a document generation that will only have to tweak small details and generate a large number for sending to different clients.


Education institutions can design certificates for each student from scratch. A code-based document generation system can generate hundreds and even thousands of certificates in a few clicks. The layout remains the same, with the particulars the only thing changing.


Document generation software can also produce reports that require the inclusion of specific information and evidence. Advanced systems can present the data, analyzed and applied to address a particular problem. The generation system can also produce tables and graphics.


Some systems can also be programmed to prepare and send a given Info through a memo to a specific group of people about a task, project, or event.

Reasons why small business needs simple and legit business processes.

Enhance your brand

Create professional documents

Using templates and codes makes it easy to develop professional documents that affirm business credibility and reputation. The generation system comes with a wide library of templates, making it easy to digitize documents for use over and over. Elegantdoc.com is one resource that can help small businesses create visually appealing documents that can appeal to any target market.

Customize your documents

Advanced software also come with features that make it easy to customize documents based on desired preferences. In this case, the documents can come with business logos and watermarks for identity.

Simplify accountant’s work

Automated document creation

An automated system takes care of all time-consuming tasks in document generation by prefilling all the standard files with data already in the system. Therefore, it goes a long way in saving time and money in the generation of new files.

Keep your documents secure

Document security is of utmost importance if small businesses are to prevent their sensitive information from being exposed to the public. Paper documents can easily fall into the wrong hands, misplaced or destroyed. On the other hand, advanced document management systems for small businesses come with encryptions and watermarking that ensure security.

Reduce manual errors

An automated system for capturing and storing documents averts the need to set up a physical filling system. Therefore, it reduces manual errors that might result in the misplacement of crucial files or some getting destroyed.

Increase efficiency

Create customizable designs

Modern document management systems come with templates that make it easy to come up with customizable designs. Ultimately, it becomes much easier for a business to ensure format consistency across the board, whether in creating invoices or receipts. Therefore, the system is crucial in version control and ensuring consistency.

Automate document distribution

Some online document management for small businesses come with a function or feature that enables the automated distribution of documents. Automated distribution can help improve enterprise efficiency and productivity as invoices, purchase orders and work orders are sent in a timely manner.

Reuse existing content

Instead of having to come up with new files with the same content as previous documents, small business software makes it easy to use existing content. Through the use of the search function, there is greater access to existing content that can be reused at any given time. Elegantdoc.com allows people to create perfectly designed documents that can be reused repeatedly.

Can document automation help small businesses grow?

Document automation allows businesses to create and deliver documents far, much quicker and at a reduced cost. Therefore, workers are able to spend their precious time doing other constructive work that can help better and improve the business.

Elegantdoc.com is one resource that can help businesses create visually appealing documents and reports quickly. It comes with a user-friendly interface that supports document customization to business needs.

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