10 Best Tools for Excellent Reports

10 Best Tools for Excellent Reports

10 Best Tools for Excellent Reports

Writing reports isn’t just a regular to-do activity for an organization – it is a must-do task! Besides boosting transparency and accountability within the entity, it is a tool to earn the client's trust. Reports also give actionable insights about an entity. However, whether you are dealing with single-unit or company-wide information, you will find complexities in report writing if you don't use the right tools. Why not consider business reporting tools that simplify the work and produce excellent reports? Here are our top picks:

Best for automated document design: ElegantDoc.com

ElegantDoc.com is an easy-to-use tool for individuals and businesses. It provides reporting predesigned templates for creating beautiful and visually appealing documents in minutes. You simply insert the information into a template of your choice, and you are done. No hefty fees, time-consuming formatting, or complicated process.

With Elegant Doc, you can get started with the best free reporting tool using the $0 plan. Create academic papers, reports, invoices, proposals, and presentable certificates within minutes.

Best for online buisness dashboards: Klipfolio

If you are looking for cloud-based SEO reporting tools, you will hardly miss Klipfolio on your list. Klipfolio features highly customized dashboards. It is best known for putting together numerous reports into a single and comprehensive one.

Using Klipfolio allows you to manipulate data real time The cloud feature makes the files safe and can be shared anytime and anywhere. The results of the reporting tool can be displayed on an electronic monitor such as a computer or TV.

Best web activity analysis: Google Analytics

How can you miss Google Analytics if you have an online presence? The analytics and reporting tools help to track web traffic, playing a role in assessing performance online. If you are an ad agency, analytics reporting tools come in handy in helping you determine your web traffic rates. And the good thing is that Google Analytics is absolutely free

For data, charts & infographic: DataHero

DataHero offers excellent software to create and edit documents almost instantly. You can view clients' requests and gather previous reports easily with the platform. That way, you save tons of time and collaborate more seamlessly.

How about visually satisfying charts in a report? This is an important feature of DataHero. You can use charts to make the reports more beautiful, emphasize points, or for simple illustrations.

For online marketing reports: BuzzSumo

Doing online marketing? BuzzSumo comes in handy when looking to present reports on your marketing campaigns. It is one of the best social media reporting tools that assesses content performance on blogs, vlogs, landing pages, etc. That way, you have a detailed report to show clients, which is crucial in keeping them impressed. Besides, BuzzSumo can suggest topics that are the most selling and boost further your online marketing.

Best autogenerated marketing reports: NinjaCat

One of the best tools for instant reporting is NinjaCat. The marketing reporting software aggregates information from diverse sources and puts them into a comprehensive report. Clients can have instant access to the reports.

You can think of any important data, and the reporting tool will sort it out for you. You can book a demo, where they will show you how to auto-generate the marketing reports before determining if the tool is right for you.

For competitor analysis: RavenTools

Do you want to stay ahead of the competition? RavenTools reporting software should be on your checklist. RavenTools tracks competitors' websites and assesses their online activities. The tracking allows you to get ideas on how to make your website better. The reporting tool also has an SEO auditor to assess your clients 'websites and their performance against the rivals.

How about scheduling when to post social media posts? This is one of the benefits of using RavenTools. Also, you can track social media updates with the SEO ranking reporting software which help fine-tune advertising strategies.

For easy project management reports: ClickUp

ClickUp is one of the best reporting tools and project management software. You can automate routine features with the software, including project and team management. Teams can view statuses, updates, and reports and collaborate on any type of workflow on ClickUp.

ClickUp is very flexible. Projects are viewed via the software’s agile dashboard or as organized by users. Participants can also configure notifications and alerts on specific items that require others' attention. ClickUp can be integrated via Slack and GitHub.

For SEO reports: Whatagraph

It is one of the best SEO reporting software for marketing agencies and in-house teams. The reporting tool features ready-made templates and drag-and-drop widgets. Users can also choose to start on a blank page with the sales reporting software. You can blend data seamlessly using Whatagraph's custom formulas. The automated reporting saves time, and users can share live reports with teams or clients.

Universal Project reporting tool: Wrike

It is one of the most versatile project management and best data reporting tools. Wrike is cloud-based, allowing real-time work monitoring to maximize your team's performance. The tool features customizable dashboards that allow a comprehensive view and sharing of task progress. You can get detailed workload reports.

Another beauty of Write is that you can integrate with numerous apps, including Microsoft tools, Google Drive, Google Gmail, etc. The integration features permit easy sharing for a seamless user and customer experience.


Selecting business reporting tools can be a daunting task if you don't know where to start. It does not need to be hard, though, as a suite of tools is available online nowadays to select from. What are you waiting for? Take your business reporting, project management, and marketing to the next level. Create, share, collaborate, and monitor key data points with software tools. The reporting tools help you save time and make your work easier. It is also key to keeping your customers happy. To enjoy the benefits, always select trusted software tools that are highly ranked by users.

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