About Us

ElegantDoc is the ideal solution for quickly and easily creating eye-catching and professional documents. If you need to generate professional reports, eye-catching brochures, or smashing resumes, allows you create amazing documents that make an impact that lasts. ElegantDoc provides you with access to a large range of adjustable templates that have been carefully developed to fit various industries and document kinds. Each template displays beauty and sophistication, laying the groundwork for your creative ideas. [Read More]

Affiliates Program

We know marketing and business development are hard, which is why we back up our appreciation of your help with great benefits for each sale. We offer the unmatched 50% of revenue (yes, revenue) for the first 4 months of every plan value you help sell. Your compensation for a Business plan will be $20 * 4 = $100. The rewards are exponentially higher if you sell our corporate plan. [Read More]